Those who have experienced any form of narcissistic abuse may tell you that they felt as if they were psychologically murdered.  Some of us have memories of the narcissist in our lives causing us to attempt suicide, spend time in facilities, become addicts, or we are left with chronic mental and/or physical disabilities.

As a survivor, I feel as if I would be lying to you if I said that you were one day going to wake up free from your memories and pain.  What I do want to say is that there is hope that you will one day have the freedom to live a happy and successful life.  Your goals are obtainable.  The time will come when you notice that you don’t think about your past experiences as much as you ponder over what is going on in your life.

It is possible to live happily after a Narcissistic Relationship!

You are possibly asking right now.  How am I going to ever move away from my triggers, their gaslighting, my feelings of guilt, and the love I still have for my abuser?  You may feel isolated and very much in need of love.  When love is denied, loneliness becomes part of the “Stuck” feeling that occurs when an individual is in recovery from narcissistic abuse.

You may feel “Stuck,” and wonder if you will ever see clearly enough to live a so-called normal, happy, and successful life.  The first thing all survivors need to understand is that the feeling of being “Stuck” in triggers and negative feelings, even after successful therapy, is normal.  Recovery truly occurs when you can handle the triggers while your mind begins to think more about you than what the narcissist in your life did to you.

As your Life Coach

As your Life Coach, I help you reach beyond all those stuck feelings with my “Unstick” approach to life coaching.  We work through each stuck feeling until we can develop your path to freedom from your past.  As you reach each small goal, I cheer you on until you accomplish the next step to your happiness.  I guide you forward until you know that you are able to happily live while reaching personal goals without the interference of your past.

The process of learning to live "Unstuck" is quite short; most people find the person they are looking for in as few as four "Time to Unstick Yourself" life coaching sessions. Or, during a month of email Life Coaching, which is priced as low as $47.50 per 3O days.  Group Life Coaching Sessions are priced to fit any budget, $6.50 an hour.  My fee structure is low to ensure that all survivors who need help can afford it.  I want no one to go without help during recovery.

Looking forward to getting to know you in our FREE Introductory Session.

Please feel free to contact me, to schedule your FREE initial Life Coaching Session to offer yourself the chance to learn to live a happy life.  Also, I offer the initial FREE life coaching session to allow you a chance to get to know me as your friend and life coach because I know how hard it is to trust someone after you have been severely hurt.  I understand, because of being a survivor.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and working toward “Unsticking” your abuser and past from your soul.

This is your chance to be happy because we know that your narcissistic abuser was wrong about you!  Don't we?

Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate, & Survivor