Legal Advocate

Have you ever sounded like this when you sought help?

“HELL I don’t know, but NO ONE WILL HELP…….. I’ve tried and tried; I even have a Restraining Order. SO WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO…And what is going to happen to me?” Anonymous, 2017… The police refused to arrest this woman’s violent husband because they did not see him hurt her.  Of course, her abuser increased his actions until she escaped to her nearest Emergency Room (ER), thankfully, alive.  Disfigured a bit, but alive.

Whether your situation involves a doctor, corporation, legal system, your abuser, institution, or mental health practitioner, etc…I help you, as your Legal Advocate, reach the right sources to accomplish your goal of filing a complaint, charges, need a legal decision amended, or you are involved in a messy divorce/custody/Child Protection Services (CPS) battle.  Often victims and survivors need assistance finding needed protection, punishing, or acquiring restitution for injuries caused by an abuser or Social Services (SS).

As a Legal Advocate for domestic violence or general abuse victims, I have helped to convict abusers of attempt of murder and keeping children with their proper parents in CPS.  I understand the needs of trauma victims or alienated parents due to having been a survivor of domestic violence as a child and as an adult.

As survivors, we need to learn that walking away does not have to include losing everything to our abuser. 

Think of fighting for your rights this way, every time an abuser, corporation, institution, law enforcement, or mental health practitioner suffers punishment for abusive actions; we come that much closer to ending abuse.  Criminal activity and abuse of innocent people multiplies if the cowards committing the acts know that only their victim suffers.

Have you ever been mistreated like this by your therapist?

System abuse increases your chances of developing PTSD

When suffering from System Abuse, your symptoms resemble those that you exhibited while a victim.  It is a form of PTSD known as System Abuse Syndrome.  Sufferers of System Abuse Syndrome find that they fear going anywhere, calling for help, and being alone.  Many system survivors have said that you become a bundle of mixed feelings and fear that builds into extreme anxiety, known as agoraphobia, which is a fear of going anywhere.

Often System Abuse Syndrome survivors, have panic attacks, become ill if they enter a courtroom, or see a police officer.  The same is true for those that are abused by institutions and corporations, which explains why a Legal Advocate can become your best friend.  Your Legal Advocate knows how to turn abuse into positive action to achieve your goal while protecting you from additional victimization by becoming your voice in communicating your cause, goal, or necessity. There is no limit to who they can contact or what they can do to work for your goal of winning your case because this person is not an attorney.

My Passion is helping people survive abuse!

I am also a Legal Advocate for disabled individuals, victims of elder abuse, and medical & mental health patients who live anywhere in the world and were abused by doctors, therapists, or institutions.

As anyone’s Legal Advocate, I assist with writing and instrumenting all communications needed to accomplish filing a complaint or ensuring a successful lawsuit.

Abuse has no likes, dislikes, or prejudices.  No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live, how much money or education you have; abuse can become a part of your life.

I have led campaigns on the public Activism level, which resulted in the convicting of attorneys who were a part of a legal staff of an attorney general’s office in Louisiana. Those attorneys saw the insides of Federal jails as a result of my activism work.  Also, I lead a campaign with public officials that ensured housing for thousands after natural disasters.

Whether you are being abused by a violent partner, corporation, institution, a doctor, or law enforcement, etc.  I have 35+ years of working experience, a Ph.D. in Public Safety, and am a survivor of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as a child, domestic violence as an adult, and late-life discovery of the continuation of parental narcissistic abuse.

For more information regarding how you can stop the abuse you are going through, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Very sincerely,

Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate, & Survivor