Keeping Your Sanity During a Gaslighting Campaign!

Has someone in your life ever caused you to isolate yourself?
Have you ever felt as if you are losing your mind?

While searching for your sanity, you only find comfort when alone because confusion and fear of others seem to be taking over your reality.   For some reason you have begun to feel the need to examine why you exist, making you feel as if you should give up because nothing you do or say is right.  Your memory also seems to be failing because you do not seem to remember what you have said, or places you have visited in recent days. 

Could you be going through a gaslighting campaign conducted by an animal who you once loved?

Abusers use gaslighting campaigns to force their victims to question:

  • whether they are the abusers. 
  • whether they are the cause of everything that is going wrong in their abuser’s lives.    
  • if they are causing their abuser to need to abuse them.
  • why their lives seem to be on display for the world to view. 
  • their ability to be around other people and become a part of healthy relationships.
  • whether they should give up and commit suicide.

Often, during gaslighting campaigns:

  • Abusers call the police to arrest their victims for crimes that they committed. Have you ever been punished for a crime you did not commit? 
  • Have you ever lost your children for offenses that you never committed, and, or tried to convince professionals that you were not the abuser? 
  • Narcissistic abusers get away with ruining lives with lies.
  • Narcissistic abusers attempt to make you believe that you are the one telling the lies.

While you know and tell the truth, a gaslighting campaign conductor works to manipulate your mind and their worshippers that you are incapable of speaking the truth.  Between the brainwashing, isolation, and lies, you feel as if you don’t deserve to exist because of the unbearable confusion regarding what you know is right, and what you are being told is correct.  This feeling of bewilderment accompanies most gaslighting campaigns.

What is gaslighting, and why does it hurt?

Gaslighting is a method of abuse used by many abusers to control you.   It is an abusive action that causes an individual to question what they do or say, which initiates horrible feelings of confusion. Victims often become dependent on the person manipulating their mind because they lose trust in their ability to make sound decisions.

No matter what you think is right, your abuser uses gaslighting to convince you that you are wrong.  Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that causes you to question everything about your existence.  Often victims and survivors of gaslighting campaigns isolate themselves out of shame because they become brainwashed to believe that their abuser’s words are the reality and that they are to blame for the abuse inflicted by their abuser.  Furthermore, victims of gaslighting tend to isolate themselves because their abuser spreads their negative thoughts about their victims to anyone who will listen.   Many victims resort to suicide because of the brainwashing, isolation, and loss of their self-trust.

How does gaslighting cause you to question your sanity?

  • Your abuser tells you and others blatant lies about you.
  • Your abuser denies that you said whatever you may have said because you disagreed with them.
  • Your abuser denies all of your accusations and projects them onto you. 
  • Your abuser may break or take your belongings while valuing their items as if they are treasures. 
  • Your abuser takes credit for the good things that you do.
  • Your abuser ruins your spirit by making you think that you cannot do or say anything right.
  • Your abuser uses statements, gifts, and periods of lavish treatment to control and confuse you into worshipping them.
  • Your abuser isolates you. 
  • Your abuser works to convince you that other people are lying to you.  Especially, if they threaten to reveal your abuser’s true motives.

Gaslighting causes:

  • You mistrust yourself.
  • You become afraid of others because of your loss of self-esteem.
  • You feel frightened of others.
  • You feel vulnerable to abuse of all types.
  • You feel that you are not able to label when someone is abusive.

Your life and spirit become lost in their gaslighting campaign. 

You can fight a gaslighting campaign by learning when you are the victim of one of the worst forms of abuse because it is the manipulation of one’s mind.

How to know when you are a part of a gaslighting campaign:

  • Your abuser has no care or time to hear about your concerns.
  • Your abuser accuses you of not making sense when you speak.
  • Your abuser says that you imagined different events.
  • Your abuser denies doing or saying things.
  • Your abuser makes out that your concerns are trivial by accusing you of overreacting.

How to prove a gaslighting campaign, and keep your sanity:

  • Keep a journal of all the events of the instances of abuse.
  • Record all voice interchanges between you and your abuser. 
  • Take pictures of the events.  Often, a hidden camera is valuable because it can run 24/7 to record those times when your abuser may be talking behind your back.
  • It is a good idea to keep your journal and all recordings in a private email account.
  • It helps to seek support groups, and, or, therapy, or life coaching, which will help you understand your reaction to the gaslighting and how to live free of your abuser(when seeking assistance look for individuals with trauma in their backgrounds)
  • Resist the urge to argue with your abuser because they will use your actions to make you look crazy. 
  • Remember that nothing your say will change your abuser’s mind. 

On my 60th Birthday, I learned that no matter how severely my abuser tries to twist my reality, I had finally become strong enough to walk with pride because I finally knew myself well enough to ignore her lies.  No matter how many people believed her accusations. 

Also, as I proudly spoke the truth, more of her little worshippers left her because, without me, she began to abuse them. 

Even the worst of narcissists can be beaten in their own game.  The more you love yourself, the faster their world crumbles. 

If you ever need anyone to talk to, or you may need some assistance with a legal issue, please feel free to contact me at any time.

My goal as your Legal Advocate and, or Life Coach is to help you learn how to dream, love, and live a happy life free of your abuser and past.


Dr. Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate, & Survivor

Sandra Speer, Ph.D. is a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, and Certified Life Coach and Disaster Recovery Coach who offers Seminars, Group, and Personal Coaching designed to show all how to move beyond their past to live happy and successful lives.  Dr. Speer knows from personal experience as a survivor of a lifetime of abuse, that recovery brings happiness and chances for unlimited success.  As a Legal Advocate, Dr. Speer strives to ensure that abusers are punished.  Nothing makes her happier than watching prosecuting attorneys go to jail, children return to their right parent, and individuals find justice with her assistance.  If you need to charge, fight the system, or in need of making a complaint against a doctor, mental health practitioner, corporation, or institution; Dr. Speer has the experience needed to win your case.  Her publications include “Terrorism Inside America’s Borders,” “The Remains of Hurricane Katrina” with various articles written as a contributing journalist for educational books and publications, FEMA, and the American Red Cross to help all understand Trauma.

I am looking forward to meeting you.
Dr. Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate

6 thoughts on “Keeping Your Sanity During a Gaslighting Campaign!”

  1. I would love to talk to you! I have studied the Cluster B after many attempts of his gaslighting. I had 3 arrests. I never got to speak in court. They just shewed me away and sealed them. All times I had proof to his lies. One time he tried to murder me on the road (same day I got my lease to move out). The police never spoke to me and actually told me their story. Two other times he scratched himself upwards and I wasn’t there when he did it but he did make the mistake of calling 911 in front of his own security camera.

    I want to make a training video for police. I’ve studied many tools and CIA documentation plus I have much clear documentation that gives tell-tales. I believe if police were actually trained, learned helplessness and murders would occur much less plus false arrests wouldn’t be Available to even be allowed in family court.
    Would love to talk to you about it.

    1. Dr. Speer, CLC, CDRC

      Sounds like you went through extreme gaslighting with your abuser. It gives me chills when I hear about the police not doing anything because often those are the situations when victims are murdered.
      I would definitely like to talk about the police training video that you are going to do. I have been saying for years that the police and the professionals in CPS and Family Court are not trained in how to recognize who are the victims in domestic violence cases.
      I would like to schedule a time when we could talk via the telephone or Zoom.

      I am looking forward to hearing back from you and talking with you very soon.

      Dr. Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate

  2. Yes i am suffering immensely as I’m in the process of loosing my 4 children to narcissist abusers that took advantage of my nativity and stole my babies callously.My kids are in Ontario, I’m in B.C, were Canadian i am on my third lawyer I’ve spent 70k fighting them and it’s been 3 years. I have extensive evidence that has been ignored, my suggestions for court dates get ignored, whenever it’s my turn to make a motion they file another motion the day of court so I’m always overlooked! Theyve blatantly lied to the court with every chance they get. My daughter’s are separated with them, they also alienate the father, this is his family purposely lieing and getting him arrested for trying to contact the kids. Theyve put a no contact order between myself the dad and our kids durring a pandemic. In a few weeks theyre going to win that we both pay them child support which means they have total and full control over our contact with the kids, which they already do anyways I’m afraid I’m never going to see my babies again and I’m ready to end it all. Everytime i go to see my girls they give me reasons I can’t or if i can they restrict our visits to supervised by there friends and within a certain area. I am supposed to visit again on my daughter’s birthday but I’m too exhausted to play the games and I can’t handle the thought of knowing when I do go it’ll most likely be the last time I ever see my kids. I am having bad anxiety and I’m terrified because there is no justice. I dont know if you can help ppl in Canada but if you can id sure approeciate somebody to talk with about what my next steps would be. Please and thank you ☆

    1. Dr. Speer, CLC, CDRC

      Dear Erin:
      My heart is broken for you because not only are you being hurt, but your children will suffer the rest of their lives for what they are trying to do. Yes, your case is complicated. But, I definitely would like to talk to you about what I can to help you decide what your next steps should be.
      We can meet via Zoom or FB Messenger.
      I appointment times open at 10 AM Tuesday, or 2 PM Wednesday, both are US CST. If either of those times does not work for you, please feel free to offer a few times that would work for you.
      Dr. Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate
      [email protected]

  3. Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thanks Nonetheless I’m experiencing difficulty with ur rss . Don抰 know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting identical rss downside? Anybody who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

    1. Dr. Speer, CLC, CDRC

      Hi Sherita:
      I can definitely help you. The best way for us to start is to set up a time to talk. All introductory sessions are free, and my fees are affordable because I want you to have help.
      Also, please feel free to join my FB group and the live sessions that I conduct every other week on Thursdays at 6 PM your time. The older sessions are recorded and filed in the announcements of the group for you to listen to whenever convenient. I hope to hear from you very soon.
      Dr. Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate, & Survivor

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