I am a survivor!

Am I living, or just have a life?    

What is life?

What is survival?

What is love?

As survivors, many of us are experiencing things we should have learned as children for the first time.  

Some say that we remind them of young children with all the questions and thoughts that we constantly ponder.  Personally, I am a survivor of a lifetime of dissociation as a result of severe emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.  So, maybe I do remind you of a young child exploring the world for the first time. Because, as a survivor, I am finally learning what it means to be alive.  As a child, I had no one to help me positively explore the world, I was forced to learn protection measures to survive.

No matter when your life starts, remember how far you have come each time you wonder why you are struggling to stay alive.  One day during your recovery, you are going to see the light.  And, others will see it, too.  When you’re free, your life blossoms and your smile shows it.


Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC , Legal Advocate

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Sandra Speer, Ph.D. is a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, and Certified Life Coach and Disaster Recovery Coach who offers Seminars, Group and Personal Coaching designed to show all how to move beyond their past to live happy and successful lives.  Dr. Speer knows from personal experience as a survivor of a lifetime of abuse, that recovery brings happiness and chances for unlimited success.  As a Legal Advocate, Dr. Speer strives to ensure that abusers are punished.  Nothing makes her happier than watching prosecuting attorneys go to jail, children return to their right parent, and individuals find justice with her assistance.  If you need to charge, fight the system, or in need of making a complaint against a doctor, mental health practitioner, corporation, or institution; Dr. Speer has the experience needed to win your case.  Her publications include The Remains of Hurricane Katrina with various articles written as a contributing journalist for educational books and publications, FEMA, and the American Red Cross to help all understand Trauma.

I am looking forward to meeting you!
Dr. Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate