Did you know that child abuse cases are increasing every day, even though approximately 74% of the cases that occur do not get reported?  As of 2017, 4.1 million children were emotionally, physically, or sexually abused in the United States alone.  Of those cases that were reported, only 3.2 million of those children received any prevention education or post-response assistance.

Other statistics which pertain to child abuse include that almost 50% of infant and young child deaths are the results of child abuse committed by more women than men.  Did you know that more boys die from child abuse a year than girls?

If you have a heart for children, as most do, these statistics should shock you.  Or, maybe they don’t.  What shocks me is that with the increasing amount of information that has begun to be publicized in most societies, child abuse is still growing by approximately 20% each year.  Why is child abuse continuing in most communities?  Some blame it on ignorance within Family Court and Departments of Children and Families; others blame the increase of child abuse on the hate allowed to fester in most societies.   I also see something wrong with the enormous difference between reported cases and those that acquire post assistance in working through the issues.  No wonder we have a high population of adults with PTSD as a result of being abused as children.   Abuse and rape victims deserve fair treatment, which many find difficult to find.   If we do not become mindful of child abuse, whatever the form or whoever performs it, our world is going to be fraught with the chaos caused by increased hate in our communities.

As a result of the high occurrence of child abuse, almost 50% of all adults suffer mentally or physically from some type of trauma they experienced during childhood.  How dangerous are conditions going to become in our communities if child abuse continues to increase at approximately 20% per year?  About 80% of all serious crime offenders are survivors of some form of child abuse.  Often when PTSD is diagnosed, the afflicted individual is in disbelief as a result of dissociation.  Dissociation occurs when your mind blocks the memory of an event.  The process of allowing those memories to come forth is often worked through with a therapist.  Please do not attempt to bypass this stage because, without the memories, your recovery becomes confused and almost impossible.

You do not have to become a criminal, you can thrive after Child Abuse.  

After therapy, whether child, adolescent, or adult; there are usually leftover feelings and triggers that may seem insurmountable.  Triggers are mental and physical reactions to reminders of the trauma you lived.  During therapy, trauma survivors are introduced to their memories and learn what mental issues plague their existence.  Yet, even though this knowledge is valuable, many survivors leave therapy feeling lost and frightened of their tomorrow.   The majority of survivors attempt to move on after therapy but describe a feeling of being stuck to their abusers and, or past.   That is the time to turn to a Life Coach because that person helps stuck survivors learn to deal with the emotions holding them down.  The memories never disappear; they become manageable.

As we work together, you learn how to move forward in your life, which places your memories in the background.  Your happiness and successes fill your thoughts rather than you feeling stuck to the necessity to think predominantly of your abuser or past.  You learn how to enjoy life and your accomplishments.

How my Life Coaching Works to "Unstick" you from your abuser and past.  

As your Life Coach, I think of the process as “Unsticking” the negative thoughts from being a part of the most important events in your life.  I help you learn how to “Unstick” yourself from your abusive past.  That “Unsticking” process includes helping you get to know that wonderful you.  Each victim, whom I have met, has a beautiful successful person often lying dormant because their abuser sent that person away.  If you had not been that beautiful sensitive person, your abuser would not have attached their venom to your soul.

I refer to my life coaching sessions and workshops as your “Time to Unstick Yourself”  Our time working together is your time to free yourself to live a happy and successful life.  Initially, we discover what you are looking for in your life.  Then we work through your obstacles until we form a plan that we know you can accomplish.  Along the way, I prepare you for a life of happiness and success by showing you that you can accomplish little goals that ultimately lead you to learn that you can accomplish anything.  Why, because you are no longer controlled by the negativity of your abuser and past.

The process of learning to live "Unstuck" is quite short; most people find the person they are looking for in as few as four "Time to Unstick Yourself" life coaching sessions. Or, during a month of email Life Coaching, which is priced as low as $47.50 per 3O days.  Group Life Coaching Sessions are priced to fit any budget, $6.50 an hour.  My fee structure is low to ensure that all survivors who need help can afford it.  I want no one to go without help during recovery.

Looking forward to getting to know you in our FREE Introductory Session.

Please feel free to contact me, to schedule your FREE initial Life Coaching Session to offer yourself the chance to learn to live a happy life.  Also, I offer the initial FREE life coaching session to allow you a chance to get to know me as your friend and life coach because I know how hard it is to trust someone after you have been severely hurt.  I understand, because of being a survivor.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and working toward “Unsticking” your abuser and past from your soul.  Yes, you are able and deserve to be happy and successful.

Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate, & Survivor