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We are offering a FREE Introductory 50-minute “Time to Unstick Yourself” individual Legal Advocacy or Life Coaching session.  Dr. Speer wants you to start with a FREE session because she understands how difficult it is to trust someone as a survivor of abuse.

All sessions are conducted via FB Messenger, Telephone, or Zoom.  Ask about our “Time to Unstick Yourself” group sessions & workshops for all ages that help large groups understand CPS & Legal Abuse, Recovery, Narcissism, and Victimization.

Dr. Speer's "Unstick Yourself" approach to Life Coaching will help you find that wonderful you because she believes that all survivors deserve the freedom to live their dreams.  She also works with Alienated parents who are suffering the loss of their children to CPS or a High Conflict Divorce.  Survivors who progress through recovery learn that they are capable of winning their cases.

Dr. Speer's hands-on approach to Legal Advocacy will help to free you from the shackles of the Child Protective Agencies and High Conflict Divorces that include children.  She is highly driven to win these cases because she knows that you need a Legal Advocate that works for you, not Family Court.  She specializes in CPS and Parental Alienation cases.  

Think about how wonderful life could be if you never again felt “Stuck” to a trigger, act of gaslighting, an abuser's legal slams, or to any part of your past.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon…Schedule your FREE Introductory 50-minute “Time to Unstick Yourself” Legal Advocacy or Life Coaching session, today.

Sandra Speer, Ph.D., CLC, CDRC, Legal Advocate, & Survivor

I thought my life was over.  I had no idea how to deal with my triggers until Dr. Speer worked with me.  Today, I am happy and have the job of my dreams.  I couldn’t thank her all that she did for me.


Houston, TX

When I left my husband, who used to beat me seemed like for fun, I had no idea how to live without fear.  And, I almost lost my kids in our custody wars.  If it had not been for the encouragement that Dr. Speer offered me during that horrible time, I don’t think that I would have my kids or the job that I have.


Gulfport, MS

With an open heart and help for all, Dr. Speer spoke at our most recent Revival.  With only 50 minutes to work with the teens that attended, I couldn’t believe what I witnessed.  Dr. Speer positively changed one child’s life forever.  We had to offer Dr. Speer a longer period to speak because my entire congregation wanted to hear what she had to say.  We don’t feel like we could thank her enough for all that did for everyone that day.

Bishop Patrick

New Orleans, LA

After working with Dr. Speer, I am no longer a slave to triggers and gaslighting. She taught me how to separate myself from my emotionally abuse.  Today, I feel free and happy.  And, know that I will never turn back or ever be abused again.


Cholumbus, OH